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Text 08 Apr 14 Mo Press Minor Commentary (Daily Telegraph) Hailsham diary: "How Alec Douglas-Home foiled student kidnappers with beer" (1964 security breach)
PDF 08 Apr 15 Tu Press Minor Commentary (Daily Mail) Hailsham diary: "Night the PM was nearly kidnapped by Scottish students" (Alec Douglas-Home talked them out of it)
PDF 08 May 1 Th Press Major Cartledge (Sir Bryan) Cold War: Interview with Sir Bryan Cartledge (Private Secretary to PM, 1977-79; UK Ambassador to Hungary, 1980-83; to Moscow, 1985-88)
Text 08 Jun 7 Sa Press Minor Commentary (The Times) MT: “My fair Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher’s Long Walk to Finchley” [BBC4 drama about MT in the 1950s]
Text 08 Jun 20 Fr Press Major Commentary (The Times) Conservatism: "Margaret Thatcher: the early promise" (Matthew Parris) [MT as revealed in Times Archive]
Text 08 Aug 25 Mo Press Major Commentary (The Times) MT: “Margaret Thatcher's struggle with dementia revealed in daughter's memoir” [Carol Thatcher book serialised]
Text 08 Sep 5 Fr Press Minor Commentary (The Times) MT: “This is Alaska’s Margaret Thatcher” [Sarah Palin selected as Republican Vice-Presidential nominee]
Text 09 Apr 5 Su Press Major Commentary (Sunday Times) Northern Ireland: “Was Gerry Adams complicit over hunger strikes?” (newly released British documents)
Text 09 Apr 12 Su Press Major Commentary (Sunday Times) Northern Ireland: “Why Adams sticks to his Maze myth” (newly released British documents)
Text 09 Sep 11 Fr Press Key Commentary (The Times) German unification: “Thatcher told Gorbachev Britain did not want German unification” (documents from Gorbachev Archive) [“Britain & Western Europe are not interested in the unification of Germany”]
PDF 11 Jun 14 Tu Press Major Weiss (Antonio) MT: Antonio Weiss "The Religious Mind of Mrs Thatcher" [study of MT’s personal religion]
PDF 11 Jun 22 We Press Major Agar (Jon) MT: Jon Agar "Thatcher, Scientist" [study of MT’s scientific career & approach to science policy]
PDF 12 Jan 17 Tu Press Major Needham (Duncan) Economy: "Fentiman Road: Drawing the Conservative fiscal policy threads together in 1978" [study of Conservative economic planning in Opposition]
Text 12 Feb 6 Mo Press Major Moore (Charles) Conservatism: Margaret Thatcher & Capitalism (2012 Adam Smith Lecture)
PDF 14 Mar 12 We Press Major Commentary (Le Monde) Coal: "The strike which changed the United Kingdom" (30 year assessment of 1984-85 strike)
PDF 14 Sep 15 Mo Press Major Lankester (Tim) Budget: “The 1981 Budget: how did it come about?” (budget-making Jan-Mar 1981)
PDF 14 Sep 15 Mo Press Major Collins (Christopher) Budget: “The Origins of the Budget in 1980” (pre-history of the 1981 budget in events of Jul-Dec 1980)
PDF 14 Dec 5 Fr Press Major Bastien (Frédéric) Canada: Frédéric Bastien “Thatcher’s Green Light” (extract from The Battle of London ) [study of the patriation of Canadian constitution] [published 2014]
PDF 16 Nov 3 Th Press Major Bermant (Azriel) Middle East: Azriel Bermant "Thatcher's Diplomatic Initiative" (chapter 7 of Margaret Thatcher and the Middle East ) [1983-85]

Documents lie at the core of this website, each one dated and sorted chronologically (by default) in search results. Most are images in PDF format of original paper documents scanned or filmed for the site. There also transcripts of speeches and interviews, press articles, photos, videos, and more. The document database contains tens of thousands of items and permits complex searching.

Files are multi-page PDFs from which most of the documents on the site are selected. All of Mrs Thatcher’s official files from No.10 are available in full on this site (paper copies are stored at the National Archives in the series PREM19), as well as most of those of Geoffrey Howe and Nigel Lawson as Chancellor (stored at TNA as series T639 and T640).

Guides are articles about key events and topics. Many were written to accompany annual releases of Mrs Thatcher’s private and party papers at the Churchill Archive Centre in Cambridge.


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