Weiss (Antonio)

MT: Antonio Weiss "The Religious Mind of Mrs Thatcher" [study of MT’s personal religion]

Document type: Press
Source: Antonio E. Weiss
Editorial comments: ABSTRACT: Addressing a significant historical and biographical gap in accounts of the life of Margaret Thatcher, this paper focuses on the formation of Mrs Thatcher's religious beliefs, their application during her premiership, and the reception of these beliefs. Using the previously unseen sermon notes of her father, Alfred Roberts, as well as the text of three religious sermons Thatcher delivered during her political career and numerous interviews she gave speaking on her faith, this paper suggests that the popular view of Roberts' religious beliefs have been wide of the mark, and that Thatcher was a deeply religious politician who took many of her moral and religious beliefs from her upbringing. In the conclusion, further areas for research linking Thatcher's faith and its political implications are suggested.
Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 62pp
Themes: Autobiographical comments, Autobiography (childhood), Autobiography (marriage & children), British Constitution (general discussions), Executive, Parliament, Conservatism, Conservative Party (organization), Conservative Party (history), Family, Labour Party & socialism, Leadership, Race, immigration, nationality, Religion & morality, Society, Social security & welfare, Voluntary sector & charity, Famous statements by MT, Famous statements by MT (discussions of)