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Economy: Alan Walters diary (budget) [redoing piece on Youth Opportunities programme; Prior’s ideas linked to press; more riots][released 2012]

Document type: Declassified documents
Source: Walters MSS (Churchill Archives Centre): WTRS 3/1/1
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Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 73
Themes: Monetary policy, Public spending & borrowing, Law & order, Media

Friday 10th July 1981

Redoing my piece on YOP [Youth Opportunities Programme] - DW [David Wolfson] liked it but wanted it packaged with early retirement (which the TUs have been after). JH [John Hoskyns] wrote a foreword - I changed it and Tim Lankester has sent it to E Committee - Prior s ideas leaked to the press. GH [Sir Geoffrey Howe] said to be opposed.

More bloody riots - usual excuses (but none in Glasgow).