1980 Jul 2 - 1992 May 18
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Peru (Internal situation: UK/Peru relations; visits of the Peruvian Speaker (Luis Percovich), Mario Vargas Llosa and President Fujimori)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2017 Dec 29
Classification: Confidential
Page count: 97
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80 Jul 2 Wed Peru: Carrington PS minute to Michael Pattison ("Peru: Presidential Inauguration") ["The landslide victory won by President Belaunde augurs well for strong and stable government"] [declassified Dec 2017]
80 Jul 7 Mon Peru: MT message to Fernando Belaunde Terry (Presidential Elections) ["We have supported and now welcome Peru's return to democratic government"] [declassified Dec 2017]
80 Jul 30 Wed Peru: Fernando Belaunde Terry message to MT (Presidential Elections) [thanks for message of congratulations] [declassified Dec 2017]
81 Jan 29 Thu Peru: UKE Quito telegram to FCO ("Ecuador/Peru Border Dispute") ["latest incidents have led to escalation in situation and feelings in Ecuador are running high"] [declassified Dec 2017]
82 Mar 11 Thu Peru: Carrington PS minute to No.10 (visit from Luis Percovich) [background, personality sketch] [declassified Dec 2017]
82 Mar 12 Fri Peru: MT message to Luis Percovich Roca (thanks) ["We are very keen to strengthen the excellent relations we have with your country"] [declassified Dec 2017]
85 May 7 Tue Peru: MT message to Alan García (Presidential Elections) [victory an "impressive testimony to the vigour of the democratic process in Peru"] [declassified Dec 2017]
85 Jul 29 Mon Peru: UKE Lima telegram to FCO ("President Garcia's Inauguration Speech") ["A tough and uncompromising speech"] [declassified Dec 2017]
89 May 16 Tue Peru: Howe PS minute to Charles Powell ("Peru: Visit of Sr Mario Vargas Llosa") ["Peru has fallen into ever-deeper political and economic chaos over the past few years"] [declassified Dec 2017]
89 May 18 Thu Peru: No.10 record of conversation (MT-Vargas Llosa) [MT said "the first task would be to restore the authority of Government"] [declassified Dec 2017]
90 Jun 11 Mon Peru: UKE Lima telegram to FCO ("Peru - Presidential Elections") ["the outlook is cloudy"] [declassified Dec 2017]
90 Jun 13 Wed Peru: MT message to Alberto Fujimori (Presidential Elections) [congratulations] [declassified Dec 2017]
90 Jun 21 Thu Peru: Alberto Fujimori message to MT (Presidential Elections) ["my best intentions for strengthening the already existing links of friendship and cooperation"] [declassified Dec 2017]