1986 Sep 11 - 1992 Dec 23
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Netherlands (Visits to the UK by Ruud Lubbers, Dutch Prime Minister) (Part 2)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2017 Dec 29
Classification: Secret
Page count: 253
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91 Nov 21 Th Major Netherlands: Treasury briefing for Major ("Prime Minister's meeting with Lubbers: EMU") ["points the Chancellor thinks the Prime Minister should make"] [declassified Dec 2017]
91 Nov 21 Th Major Netherlands: No.10 briefing for Major ("European Council: the Dutch") [briefing meeting with Hurd & Lamont: key points] [declassified Dec 2017]
91 Nov 22 Fr Major Netherlands: Department of Employment briefing for Major ("Prime Minister's Bilateral with Prime Minister Lubbers") [Working Time directive] [declassified Dec 2017]
91 Nov 22 Fr Major Netherlands: No.10 record of conversation (Major, Hurd, Lamont, Lubbers, Van Den Broek, Kok, Dankert, Ersboll, Garel-Jones, John Kerr) [organisation of the European Council; UK attitudes; Court of Auditors; Foreign Policy; Defence; Social Policy; Competence; European Parliament; Article 100c; Cohesion; the Chapeau; Tax; EMU; Seats of the Institutions; Enlargement; GATT; Conclusion] [declassified Dec 2017]
92 Oct 1 Th Major Netherlands: No.10 letter to Hurd PS ("European Community: visit of Prime Minister Lubbers of the Netherlands") [Maastricht Treaty] [declassified Dec 2017]
92 Nov 9 Mo Major Netherlands: FCO briefing for Major ("Call by Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers of the Netherlands: Tuesday 10 November") [Maastricht Treaty ratification; subsidiarity; openness; future financing; sites of EC institutions; GATT; former Yugoslavia; enlargement; Eastern Europe] [declassified Dec 2017]
92 Nov 10 Tu Major Netherlands: No.10 record of conversation (Major, Hurd, Lubbers, Michael Jenkins) [Maastricht Treaty] [declassified Dec 2017]