1986 Apr 29 - 1992 Sep 21
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Disasters (Chernobyl: Soviet nuclear accident, 26 April 1986) (Part 1)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2017 Dec 29
Classification: Top Secret
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86 May 13 Tu Major Chernobyl: UKE Moscow telegram to FCO ('Chernobyl') [new information given to western Ambassadors; "small step ... towards more sensible and civilised behaviour"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 May 14 We Minor Chernobyl: Addison minute for MT ('Chernobyl') [accident "could have been much worse"; flaws in Soviet reactor design] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 May 15 Th Major Chernobyl: UKE Moscow telegram to FCO ("Chernobyl nuclear accident: Gorbachev's speech") ["little new information and no real reassurance to the Soviet population on health hazards ... no real hint of apology or admission of possible failure or delay in handling the accident"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 May 16 Fr Major Chernobyl: Policy Unit minute for MT ("The Chernobyl Incident - Contingency Planning") ["some pretty maladroit footwork - especially in the initial stages"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 May 21 We Major Chernobyl: Cabinet Office minute for No.10 ("Call by Japanese Charge") [account of Japanese exchanges with Soviets on Chernobyl as mandated at Tokyo G7] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Jun 6 Fr Major Chernobyl: Cabinet Office minute for Home Secretary ("The Lessons of Chernobyl") [Civil Contingencies Unit to consider lessons and "prepare appropriate new plans for the future"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Jun 20 Fr Major Chernobyl: Powell minute for Cabinet Office ("Chernobyl: Soviet Management of the Crisis") [MT has read JIC report on topic "with considerable interest"; asks what contingency plans we are making?] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Jul 2 We Major Chernobyl: HM Ambassador to Moscow despatch ('Chernobyl') [course of events, Soviet handling, implications] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Aug 29 Fr Major Chernobyl: UKMIS Vienna telegram 12 to FCO (1555Z) (International Atomic Energy Authority briefing) [Chernobyl: post-accident review meeting, "serious and well-prepared presentations by the Soviet experts"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Nov 21 Fr Major Chernobyl: Norgrove minute for MT ("Lessons of Chernobyl") [interim CCU report; "bureaucratic and would not ... carry much reassurance for the world outside"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Nov 21 Fr Major Chernobyl: Wybrew minute for MT ("CCU Report - Lessons of Chernobyl") ["We have to demonstrate that the benefits of nuclear power can be harnessed safely"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Nov 24 Mo Major Chernobyl: Norgrove letter to Unwin ("The Lessons of Chernobyl") [MT "concerned about the time it has taken to produce this first report ... next stage should be taken forward as a matter of urgency"] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Dec 2 Tu Major Chernobyl: Unwin letter to Norgrove ("The Lessons of Chernobyl") [problems with Department of the Environment] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Dec 10 We Major Chernobyl: Privy Council Office record of conversation (Whitelaw, Baker, Walker, Clarke & others) [Department of Environment agrees to take lead role in event of future nuclear accident outside UK] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Dec 15 Mo Major Chernobyl: Ingham minute for Bridadier Budd ("Chernobyl PQ") [CCU report - "great deficiency" with his draft PQ] ​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
86 Dec 16 Tu Major Chernobyl: Unwin letter to Norgrove ("The Lessons of Chernobyl") [MT approves statement on interim report] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
87 Apr 24 Fr Major Chernobyl: Chief Scientific Adviser minute for No.10 ("The Scientific and Technical Implications of the Chernobyl Incident") [satisfied with underlying research but leadership and coordination weak] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
87 May 12 Tu Major Chernobyl: Norgrove minute for MT ("Chernobyl: the new national contingency plan") [recommends against publication before General Election; MT agrees] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]
87 Jun 25 Th Major Chernobyl: Norgrove minute for MT ("Contingency plans for a nuclear accident") [recommends publication next Tuesday; MT agrees] ​​​​​​​[released Dec 2017]