1989 Jan 10 - 1989 May 25
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic Policy (Public Spending) (Part 41)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2016 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
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89 May 25 Th Major Public spending: Peter Walker minute to John Major ("Public Expenditure Survey 1989: Welsh Office") [European single market opportunities] [declassified Dec 2016]
89 May 5 Fr Major Public spending: Robin Butler minute to Andrew Turnbull ("Chairmanship of Star Chamber") [Cecil Parkinson suggested to serve again] [declassified Dec 2016]
89 May 25 Th Major Public spending: Tom King minute to John Major ("1989 Public Expenditure Survey: Northern Ireland") [law and order, strengthening the economy] [declassified Dec 2016]