1987 May 5 - 1987 Oct 30
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Soviet Union (UK/Soviet relations; internal situation) (Part 8)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2017 Jul 20
Classification: Top Secret
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87 May 12 Tue Soviet Union: UKE Moscow telegram 732 to FCO (1730Z) ("Visit of Mr Denis Healey to Moscow, 10-12 May") [record of Healey press conference] [released Jul 2017]
87 May 13 Wed Soviet Union: Charles Powell minute to MT (Follow-up to the Prime Minister's Visit to the Soviet Union: Talks with the International Department of the Central Committee) [MT favours Conservative Party foreign affairs experts over Howe's proposal of Cabinet Office delegation] [released Jul 2017]
87 May 21 Thu Soviet Union: Lord Thomas of Swynnerton letter to No.10 (Gorbachev) [analysis by Dominic Lieven] [released Jul 2017]
87 May 30 Sat Soviet Union: Charles Powell note to MT (Soviet Union: Defence shake-up) [Gorbachev's reaction to unauthorised one-man plane from FRG landing near Red Square] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jun 1 Mon Soviet Union: UKE Moscow telegram 780 to FCO (1245Z) ("Landing of Light Aircraft in Red Square") [analysis of Gorbachev's reaction] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jun 3 Wed Soviet Union: UKE Moscow telegram 808 to FCO (0530Z) ("Landing of Light Aircraft in Red Square") [details; analysis of Gorbachev's reaction] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jun 23 Tue Soviet Union: Ambassador Cartledge despatch to Howe ("New Thinking") [analysis of Gorbachev's approach to foreign affairs: summary followed by main despatch] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jun 28 Sun Soviet Union: No.10 note to MT (recent telegrams from UKE Moscow) [reports on economic and internal reform] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jun 30 Tue Soviet Union: UKE Moscow telegram 929 to FCO (1315Z) ("USSR Supreme Soviet Session: Report by Ryzhkov on Economic Reform") [outline of radical proposals] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jul 8 Wed Soviet Union: UKE Moscow telegram 973 to FCO (1340Z) ("Von Weizsaecker's Visit: Day 2") [record of conversations: Gorbachev, Weizsaecker; Genscher, Shevardnadze] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jul 10 Fri Soviet Union: Howe minute to MT ("UK/Soviet Bilateral Relations") [recommendations on how to build on MT's visit to Soviet Union] [released Jul 2017]
87 Aug 7 Fri Soviet Union: Gorbachev letter to MT (arms control and regional issues) [released Jul 2017]
87 Aug 8 Sat Soviet Union: No.10 record of conversation ("Meeting with the Soviet Ambassador") [Charles Powell, Zamyatin: Gorbachev message to MT: Iran] [released Jul 2017]
87 Aug 11 Tue Soviet Union: Centre for Policy Studies record of conversation ("Change in the USSR") [transcript of Conference: speeches and Q&A] [released Jul 2017]
87 Aug 14 Fri Soviet Union: UKE Islamabad telegram 682 to FCO (0517Z) ("Call on Pakistan Foreign Minister") [Barrington, Yaqub: record of conversation: Afghanistan; frigates] [released Jul 2017]
87 Aug 18 Tue Soviet Union: Lynda Chalker PS letter to No.10 ("Meeting with the Soviet Ambassador: Afghanistan") [points for next meeting] [released Jul 2017]
87 Aug 26 Wed Soviet Union: US Embassy record of conversation ("Lunch with Soviet Ambassador Zamyatin") [Price, Zamyatin: Gulf; arms control; glasnost & release of Soviet historical documents; economic reforms; Afghanistan; Soviet defence sales to Jordan; US/UK relations] [released Jul 2017]
87 Sep 3 Thu Soviet Union: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("Abel Aganbegyan") [MT agrees to meeting with Soviet academic, to discuss perestroika] [released Jul 2017]
87 Sep 4 Fri Soviet Union: No.10 record of conversation ("Soviet Union") [Charles Powell, Kossov: impressions of glasnost/perestroika in operation; the Gulf; arms control; Gorbachev visit to UK; visit to UK of leading Soviet academic expert on economic reform] [released Jul 2017]
87 Sep 17 Thu Soviet Union: Soviet Embassy letter to No.10 ('The Reality and Guarantees of a Secure World' by General Secretary Gorbachev) [text of article published in 'Pravda' & 'Izvestia'] [released Jul 2017]