1980 Mar 10 - 1986 Feb 21
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Spain (Internal situation; UK/Spain relations) (Part 1)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2016 Jul 21
Classification: Top Secret
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82 Jun 3 Thu Spain: MT message to Prime Minister Calvo-Sotelo ("Spain and NATO") [formal accession] [declassified Jul 2016]
82 Mar 23 Tue Spain: UKREP Brussels telegram 1177 to FCO (1240Z) ("Foreign Affairs Council: 22 March 1982") ["Spanish accession: mini-package: preparation of Community position"] [declassified Jul 2016]
82 Jan 29 Fri Spain: UKE Madrid telegram to FCO ("Spain: position of the Government") [three deputies transfer allegiance from ruling UCD party to right wing Alianza Popular; "disincentives for early elections, which neither of the major parties want, are... strong"] [declassified Jul 2016]
82 Jan 2 Sat Spain: HM Ambassador Parsons letter to Carrington ("Annual Review from Spain for 1981") ["democracy... remains extant though it is still fragile"; NATO; EC; Gibraltar] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Dec 3 Thu Spain: Carrington PS letter to No.10 ("Spain/NATO/Gibraltar") [Spain to sign Protocol of Accession on 10th Dec; questions in Parliament & press anticipated; "lifting the restrictions on Gibraltar... [will not be] a condition of Britain's approval of Spain's entry to NATO" ] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Nov 30 Mon Spain: FCO record of conversation ("Conversation with the Spanish Foreign Minister") [Carrington, Llorca: Gibraltar; Calvo-Sotelo visit to UK] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 May 1 Fri Spain: Carrington minute to MT ("Spain/NATO") ["in the aftermath of the attempted coup d'etat, Sr Calvo Sotelo's government [intends] to accelerate the application for Spanish membership of NATO... might be possible to settle the Gibraltar impasse at the same time"] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Apr 10 Fri Spain: FCO record of conversation ("Secretary of State's discussions with Mr. Haig: Spain and Gibraltar") [Carrington, Haig] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Mar 20 Fri Spain: Chairman of Centre for Policy Studies letter to No.10 (attempted coup d'état & Spanish accession to NATO) ["Felipe González... [hailed MT as] more vigorous in support of Spanish democracy in its hour of trial than any other Western leader"; NATO; Cuba] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Mar 18 Wed Spain: MT letter to Prime Minister Suárez (Prime Minister of Spain's resignation) [MT warmly reciprocates Suarez' courtesy letter on his departure from office & commends his part in the prevention of the recently attempted coup d'état] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Mar 6 Fri Spain: Prime Minister Calvo-Sotelo message to MT (Prime Minister of Spain's investiture) [courtesy letter acknowledging MT congratulations] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Feb 26 Thu Spain: UKE Madrid telegram to FCO ("Prospects for new Spanish government: foreign policy aspects") ["dramatic events of this week have demonstrated that the return to democracy... is a continuing process in which Spain urgently needs the support of her foreign friends"; EC; NATO; Gibraltar] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Feb 26 Thu Spain: MT message to Prime Minister Calvo-Sotelo (Spanish General Election) [congratulations, and references to recent coup d'état attempt & forthcoming accession to EC] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Feb 24 Tue Spain: FCO internal minute ("Spain: internal") [failed coup d'état] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Feb 11 Wed Spain: Prime Minister Suárez letter to MT (resignation) [courtesy letter] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Feb 2 Mon Spain: UKE Madrid telegram to FCO ("Change of Spanish Prime Minister") ["at least a week's delay... Suárez' removal, even if it proves temporary, has undoubtedly precipitated a major crisis... in the stability of Spain's still fragile institutions"] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Jan 30 Fri Spain: UKE Madrid telegram to FCO ("Suárez' resignation") ["surprised everyone... rumours of a major row involving the King, Suárez and possibly the army... Calvo Sotelo, if confirmed, would represent continuity rather than radical change"] [declassified Jul 2016]
81 Jan 8 Thu Spain: UKE Madrid record of conversation ("Spain/NATO") [Ian Gilmour, Pérez-Llorca] [declassified Jul 2016]
80 Oct 8 Wed Portugal: UKE Lisbon telegram to FCO ("Election results") ["Sa Carneiro will not be tendering his resignation... the Government intend to continue in office"] [declassified Jul 2016]
80 Sep 26 Fri Spain: FCO record of conversation ("Secretary of State's talk with the Spanish Foreign Minister") [Lord Carrington, Pérez-Llorca: NATO; Gibraltar; EC] [declassified Jul 2016]