1982 Feb 28 - 1985 Nov 19
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Security (Hijacking of an Air Tanzania Boeing 737 by Tanzanian dissidents: surrender at Stansted Airport, 28 February 1982)

Document type: File list item
Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 38
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82 Feb 27 Sa Major Terrorism: Press Association report (“Hijack: Six Released”, plus Cabinet Office logs) [“there are now believed to be 83 passengers and crew left on board”] [released Dec 2014]
82 Feb 27 Sa Major Terrorism: UKHC Dar es Salaam telegram 64 to FCO (1110Z) (“Hijack”) [“It is the subject of streetcorner goosip rather than popular demonstrations”] [released Dec 2014]
82 Feb 28 Su Major Terrorism: Cabinet Office telegram misc 60 to UKHC Dar es Salaam (1150Z) (“Hijack”) [“Negotiators kept the hijackers in play throughout the night”] [released Dec 2014]
82 Feb 28 Su Major Terrorism: FCO telegram 35 to UKHC Dar es Salaam (1300Z) (message from Stansted hijackers) [demand for Nyerere’s resignation] [released Dec 2014]
82 Mar 1 Mo Major Terrorism: President Nyerere letter to MT (Stansted hijack) [“very deep appreciation ... a tremendous achievement to persuade the hi-jackers to release all the hostages, and finally to surrender themselves without damaging the plane”] [released Dec 2014]
82 Mar 5 Fr Major Terrorism: MT message to President Nyerere (Stansted hijack) [“We were delighted that it was brought to a satisfactory end without injury or loss of life”] [released Dec 2014]
82 Apr 28 We Major Terrorism: Armstrong minute to MT (“Stansted hijack”) [generally positive post mortem on performance of emergency machinery in response to expression of concern by MT; "the media gave rise to a number of problems"] [released Dec 2014]
85 Nov 17 Su Major Terrorism: Hurd minute to Howe (“Tanzanian hijackers”) [hijackers have applied for asylum] [released Dec 2014]
85 Nov 19 Tu Major Terrorism: Howe minute to Hurd (“Tanzanian hijackers”) [“our decision to allow the Tanzanians to remain in the United Kingdom is a result of undertakings given here in 1982”] [released Dec 2014]