1984 Sep 7 - 1985 Apr 30
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (G7 Summit - Bonn) (Part 18)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Confidential
Page count: 464
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85 Mar 12 Tu Minor G7: Charles Powell minute to Robert Armstrong ("Bonn Economic Summit") ["it is not appropriate to set up continuing groups in the Economic Summit"] [released Dec 2014]
85 Feb 22 Fr Minor G7: Charles Powell minute to Howe PS ("Bonn Economic Summit: Bilateral Meetings") [arrangements, order of priority for meetings (Reagan, Mulroney, Nakasone); no urgent need for Craxi] [released Dec 2014]
85 Feb 22 Fr Minor G7: Howe PS letter to Charles Powell ("Bonn Economic Summit: Bilateral Meetings") [Mulroney"most anxious" for bilateral in Bonn; Reragan, Nakasone, Craxi] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 16 Tu Minor G7: Howe PS minute to Charles Powell ("Bilateral Meetings during the Economic Summit") [proposed dates and times for meetings with Reagan, Mulroney, Nakasone and Craxi] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 30 Tu Minor G7: Channon PS minute to Charles Powell ("Economic Summit") [settlement of dispute between the owners of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and the State of Alaska] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 9 Tu Minor G7: International Chamber of Commerce letter to MT ("Bonn Economic Summit") ["businessmen hope for clear and concrete actions from governments in overcoming closely-linked trade and monetary problems"] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 19 Fr Minor G7: Cabinet Office to Graham Stegmann ("Briefing Arrangements for the Bonn Economic Summit") [procedure] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 23 Tu Minor G7: Helmut Schmidt speech ("Wishful thinking for the Bonn Summit") ["Consensus is possible"] [released Dec 2014]