1984 Mar 15 - 1985 Mar 8
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (The Budget, 1984 and 1985) (Part 13)

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Release date: 2014 Dec 30
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84 Mar 20 Tue Economic Policy: Treasury letter to Alan Walters (Fiscal Policy) [Peter Middleton comments on 'sensitivities' in draft Walters article prior to its publication] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 20 Tue Economic Policy: No.10 Policy Unit minute to MT (Government economic policy post-1984 Budget) ["appeal to wider interests of voters as a whole coupled with careful reading of the differences within any given interest group can provide a basis for acceptable and often popular change"] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 20 Tue Economic Policy: Chancellor of the Exchequer letter to Nicholas Ridley (impact of the 1984 Budget on the shipping industry) [Lawson delineates the positives; case against inclusion of shipping in the Business Expansion Scheme] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 22 Thu Economic Policy: Director-Secretary of Equipment Leasing Association Ltd. letter (Equipment Leasing Association's reactions to the Budget) [cover letter with press release attached] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Apr 4 Wed Economic Policy: Alan Walters minute to Andrew Turnbull ("DLT Clause 117") [concern that Finance Bill clause could impair security of existing mortgages] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 May 2 Wed Economic Policy: No.10 minute to MT (impact of increases in tax thresholds on the number of taxpayers) [factors behind fall in number of taxpayers; follow-up to MT meeting with Ralph Howell MP] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 May 9 Wed Economic Policy: Alan Walters letter to The American Community School Ltd. (extension of tax concessions on expenses of foreigners resident in the UK) [concerns about provisions in the Finance Bill] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 May 30 Wed Economic Policy: Ian Stewart PS letter to No.10 ("Friendly Societies") ["legal doubts over the validity of some 300,000 insurance contracts... legislation to reassure policy holders and clarify the tax position"] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jul 3 Tue Economic Policy: Peter Walker letter to Rees ("IFR: Corporation Tax") [Rees defends 'extra tax' for private companies] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jul 6 Fri Economic Policy: John Moore letter to Nicholas Ridley (Budget changes in Corporation Tax: effect on the shipping industry) ["We have tried to find changes [to the Finance Bill] which will be of real help": details] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Aug 3 Fri Economic Policy: Chancellor of the Exchequer minute to MT ("Timetable to the Autumn Statement") [Public Expenditure Survey; BT flotation] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Sep 14 Fri Economic Policy: Chancellor of the Exchequer PS letter to No.10 ("1985 Budget Date") [Lawson proposes 19 March; MT agrees] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Oct 26 Fri Economic Policy: Ian Stewart minute to MT ("Friendly Societies Bill") [background to urgent legislation "to validate some 300,000 insurance contracts issued by friendly societies"] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Oct 30 Tue Economic Policy: Chancellor of the Exchequer letter to Chairman of the European Democratic Group (VAT and foodstuffs) [offers assurances that UK government will not impose VAT on UK foodstuffs, and that EC will not enforce imposition] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 15 Thu Economic Policy: John Moore PS letter to No.10 ("ICI's Case on Ethane Valuation") [case due to be heard in High Court; background; line to take] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 19 Mon Economic Policy: Ingham minute to Andrew Turnbull (campaign against the imposition of VAT on newspapers) [Ingham opposed to Lawson proposal] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 20 Tue Economic Policy: No.10 Policy Unit minute to MT ("Taxation of Pension Funds") ["a vital step in encouraging wider share-ownership and wider wealth-ownership and individual responsibility"] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 21 Wed Economic Policy: No.10 briefing for MT ("Bilateral with the Chancellor") [autopsy on 1984 PES & planning for 1985; taxation of pension funds; interest rates; pay review bodies; nomination for a City honour] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 29 Thu Economic Policy: Treasury record of conversation ("Taxation of Pensions") [John Moore, Robin Ibbs] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Dec 12 Wed Economic Policy: Chancellor of the Exchequer PS letter to No.10 ("1985 Budget Day") ["This year... the Chancellor sees some arguments for making the announcement before Christmas"] [declassified Dec 2014]