1983 Jul 1 - 1984 Oct 31
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Manpower (Measures to counter unemployment; Youth Training Scheme; review of Community Programme) (Part 10)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Jan 3
Classification: Secret
Page count: 357
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83 Jul 1 Fri Manpower: Alan Walters minute to Michael Scholar ("Unemployment and Supplementary Benefits - as the Cause of Unemployment") [comments on DHSS Cohort Study] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Jul 4 Mon Manpower: Alan Walters minute to Michael Scholar ("Passport for a Job") [comments on Lord Cockfield's proposed scheme] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Jul 14 Thu Manpower: No.10 minute to Chancellor of the Exchequer PS ("Chequers Meetings on Employment Strategy") [Lord Cockfield's proposed start-up scheme for self-employed] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Jul 27 Wed Manpower: Tebbit minute to MT ("Special Employment Measures") [reducing youth wages to improve job prospects; trade union issues] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Sep 19 Mon Manpower: Tebbit letter to Lord Gowrie ("Youth Training Scheme and the Civil Service") [negotiations with Unions] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Oct 9 Sun Manpower: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Lord Young) [YTS; TVEI; Community Programme; reform of technical education] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 2 Wed Manpower: No.10 Policy Unit minute to MT ("Community Programme") ['Benefit-Plus' & 'Workfare' schemes; reforming the CP; Voluntary Projects Programme] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 2 Wed Manpower: Cabinet Office briefing for MT ("Future Development of Community Programme") [options] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 16 Wed Manpower: Department of Employment press release ("More Places for Disabled on Youth Training Scheme") [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 18 Fri Manpower: Cabinet Office minute: Peter le Cheminant to Lord Gowrie ("YTS") [Youth Training Scheme: negotiations with Civil Service Unions; trainee for No.10] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 29 Tue Manpower: Andrew Turnbull minute to MT ("Where Will The New Jobs Come From") [cover minute summarising Lawson paper & TUC paper, for next meeting of NEDC] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Dec 5 Mon Manpower: Tom King minute to MT ("Review of the Hotel and Catering Industry Training Board") [announcement to Parliament on future of the Board] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Dec 9 Fri Manpower: Cabinet Office briefing for MT ("YTS and Unemployed 17-year-olds in 1984/85") [proposals for future development of Youth Training Scheme & Young Workers' Scheme] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Dec 29 Thu Manpower: No.10 letter to Cabinet Office ("YTS") [Youth Training Scheme: negotiations with Civil Service Unions; trainee for No.10] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jan 5 Thu Manpower: Nicholas Edwards PS letter to Tom King PS ("White Paper on "Training for Jobs": MSC and NAFE") [comments on draft] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jan 13 Fri Manpower: Robin Butler minute to MT (Youth Training Schemes in the Civil Service) [opposition from local branches of Civil and Public Services Association] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jan 24 Tue Manpower: Alan Walters note to MT ("Young Workers Wages") ["Young Workers Scheme has been quite successful"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jan 30 Mon Manpower: Cabinet Office letter to No.10 ("YTS") [Civil Service unions oppose introduction of Youth Training Scheme] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Feb 8 Wed Manpower: Lord Gowrie minute to Tom King ("YTS in the Civil Service") ["glad of your clear affirmation that we are not debarred by YTS rules from going ahead without local union support"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Feb 16 Thu Manpower: Tom King letter to Patrick Jenkin (funding for Development Commission Programme) [King explains why he cannot agree to Jenkin's request to divert funding from Manpower Services Commission] [declassified Jan 2014]