1983 Dec 1 - 1984 Dec 20
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

European policy (Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)) (Part 12)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Jan 3
Classification: Secret
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84 Sep 11 Tu Major European Policy: Rees letter to Jopling ("EC Agricultural Structures Proposals and Conservation") [comments on Jopling's proposed amendments; Treasury position] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Nov 29 Th Major European Policy: Jopling letter to Howe ("1985 Common Agricultural Policy Price Fixing") ["I have been considering how best to register our ideas... with the Commission and the other Member States"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 5 We Major European Policy: Jopling letter to Jenkin ("Taking Land Out of Arable Production") [Ridley proposal "would neither be a cost-effective way of dealing with EC surpluses... nor contribute to improving the countryside"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 6 Th Major European Policy: UKRep Brussels telegram to FCO ("Milk Supplementary Levy") [EC Commission talks: latest position] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 7 Fr Major European Policy: Chancellor of the Exchequer letter to Jopling ("1985 CAP price fixing") [comments on policy lines proposed in Jopling letter to Howe] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 7 Fr Major European Policy: Howe minute to Jopling ("1985 Common Agricultural Policy Price-Fixing") [comments on Jopling proposals for UK strategy] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 10 Mo Major European Policy: Department of Agriculture record of conversation (Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food meeting with the Netherlands Minister of Agriculture) [John MacGregor, Gerrit Braks, officials: 1985 price fixing; Dutch gas prices; collection of milk supplementary levy] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 11 Tu Major European Policy: Cabinet Office minute to No.10 ("Review of the Common Agricultural Policy") [Jopling proposal for independent review rejected by MT: "We know what's wrong"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 12 We Major European Policy: Jopling PS letter to No.10 ("Council of Agriculture Ministers: 10-11 December 1984") [Statement to Parliament] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Dec 20 Th Major European Policy: Howe PS letter to MacGregor PS (French Organisation of Agricultural Journalists debate) ["in the run-up to the 1985 price-fixing negotiation... proposed statement of UK views"] [declassified Jan 2014]