1983 Jul 8 - 1984 Jul 13
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

European policy (European Council meeting, Fontainebleau (Paris), June 1984) (Part 18)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Jan 3
Classification: Confidential
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84 Jun 20 Wed European Policy: President Mitterrand letter to MT (Preparation for the European Council) [budgetary imbalances; other key issues] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 20 Wed European Policy: FCO telegram to UKE Athens ("Report of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee: Fontainebleau Summit") [request to circulate; summary of main points] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 18 Mon European Policy: UKE Luxembourg record of conversation ("Foreign Affairs Council Luxembourg 18 June") ["Preparation for European Council": themes for discussion] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 14 Thu European Policy: No.10 briefing for MT ("European Council: the German Problem") ["how to get... Kohl to be more active and more helpful over our Budget problem"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 13 Wed European Policy: No.10 minute to Cabinet Office ("Preparation for European Council of 25-26 June") [negotiations; Budget inequity; UK refunds; Ministerial meeting] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 13 Wed European Policy: No.10 minute to MT ("Preparation for European Council") ["You have found it useful in the past to have a teach-in with a very limited number of officials before the normal briefing"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 12 Tue European Policy: UKRep Brussels telegram to FCO ("Preparation for European Council") ["Presidency announced long list of possible subjects for discussion"] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 11 Mon European Policy: Overseas Development Administration minute to FCO: European Community Department ("European Council Preparations: Budgetary Imbalances") [summary of conversations with EC colleagues during London Economic Summit] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 6 Wed European Policy: FCO minute (internal): European Community Department to Renwick PS ("EC Heads of Mission Conference, 5 June 1984") ["main points which emerged"] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Jul 8 Fri European Policy: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("French Presidency: January-June 1984: European Council Dates") [proposed dates for MT's agreement] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jun 21 Thu European Policy: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("Foreign Affairs Committee Report on the forthcoming Fontainebleau Summit") ["on the whole helpful... brings out very clearly... the question of budgetary imbalances"] [declassified Jan 2014]