1981 Sep 7 - 1983 Mar 30
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Parliament (House of Commons procedure; review of working of Departmental Select Committees; Select Committee inquiry into positive vetting; Select Committee interest in records of security and intelligence agencies) (Part 5)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2013 Aug 1
Classification: Secret
Page count: 261
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81 Sep 7 Mon Parliament: FCO letter to No.10 ("Government Observations on the Fifth Report of the Foreign Affairs Committee") [White Paper] [declassified Aug 2013]
81 Oct 30 Fri Parliament: Cabinet Office letter to Treasury & Civil Service Committee ("Enquiry into Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Civil Service") ["[not] feasible for him to slog his way through the several pounds of paper you have received from Departments"] [declassified Aug 2013]
81 Nov 5 Thu Parliament: Pym letter to Whitelaw ("Review of Work of Departmental Select Committees") [analysis of the Review] [declassified Aug 2013]
81 Nov 25 Wed Parliament: Pym letter to MT ("First Report from the Select Committee on Procedure (Suppy)") [Government response] [declassified Aug 2013]
81 Dec 14 Mon Parliament: MT letter to Tom Bradley MP (Central Policy Review Staff report on mainline railway electrification) [declines request to see report] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Feb 1 Mon Parliament: Keith Joseph letter to Christopher Price MP (Education, Science and Arts Committee: report on Education expenditure cuts) [response to recommendations] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Feb 10 Wed Parliament: Pym PS letter to Jenkin PS (the practice of making available uncorrected proof transcripts of public Select Committee Hearings in the House of Commons library) [rationale; guidance; classification] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Feb 24 Wed Parliament: Speaker of the House of Commons letter to Pym (length of Ministerial answers) ["I am becoming increasingly concerned"] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Apr 5 Mon Parliament: Whitelaw letter to Baroness Young ("Commencement of Statutes") [procedure] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 May 24 Mon Parliament: Keith Joseph PS letter to Biffen PS (refusal of information to the Select Committee on Education, Science and the Arts) [explanatory note] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Jun 18 Fri Parliament: Biffen letter to MT ("First Report from the Select Committee on Procedure (Supply)") [proposals] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Sep 16 Thu Parliament: No.10 letter to Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Agricultural Training Board Annual Report and Accounts 1981/82) [publication] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Sep 17 Fri Parliament: Nott PS letter to No.10 (House of Commons Defence Committee: Second Report 1981-21 on Ministry of Defence Organisation and Procurement) [publication of Government Observations] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Nov 10 Wed Parliament: Biffen letter to Whitelaw (Bills for Second Reading Committee procedure: proposed change to customary arrangement) [No.10: "Michael Cocks seems to have overreacted"] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Nov 25 Thu Parliament: MT letter to Christopher Price MP (Central Policy Review Staff paper on limiting the growth of public spending) [MT declines request from Price, as Chair of Education, Science and Arts committee to view "report" & clarifies the nature of the paper] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Dec 3 Fri Parliament: Treasury letter to No.10 ("Treasury minute in reply to reports of the Public Accounts Committee") ["I enclose a list of the PAC reports to which we are replying... with a summary... or the main conclusions and recommendations which appeared in the various Reports"] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Dec 7 Tue Parliament: Biffen letter to Chancellor of the Exchequer ("Parliamentary Control of Expenditure (Reform Bill)") ["we need to proceed quickly with a reassessment of the position we have adopted to date on the status and powers of the Comptroller and Auditor General and his Department"] [declassified Aug 2013]
82 Dec 15 Wed Parliament: Speaker's Office letter to No.10 (statement to Parliament by the Speaker of the House of Commons) [clarification of recent comments made by the Speaker in the House, regarding judiciary] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Feb 2 Wed Parliament: Lawson minute to MT (Select Committee on Energy) [request for copy of Rayner Scrutiny report on "effectiveness of Government's measures to encourage the efficient use of energy"] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Feb 14 Mon Parliament: Pym minute to MT ("Select Committee on Education, Science and Arts: public records") [release of records retained by intelligence & security agencies: "The Committee want to pin down the exact criteria for release, and who is responsible for taking the necessary decisions"; Whitelaw: "There seems at the moment to be a concerted attempt to discuss security and intelligence matters in Select Committees"] [declassified Aug 2013]