1981 Nov 2 - 1982 Mar 30
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Manpower (Measures to counter unemployment; Central Policy Review Staff (CPRS) Unemployment Study) (Part 6)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2012 Dec 28
Classification: Confidential
Page count: 382
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82 Mar 30 Tue Employment: No.10 minute to MT (“CPRS interim report on unemployment”) [“Alan Walters dissenting”] [declassified 2012]
82 Feb 23 Tue Employment: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster letter to Whitelaw (“Jobs for the young in the civil service”) [MT rejects the proposal] [declassified 2012]
82 Feb 11 Thu Employment: Alan Walters minute to MT (“Young Workers Scheme (sometimes called the Walters Scheme)”) [“off to a very good start”] [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 15 Tue Employment: Tebbit PS letter to No.10 (“Training and special employment measures”) [statement to Parliament] [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 14 Mon Employment: Walker letter to Tebbit (“White Paper on Industrial Training”) [feedback on draft paper] [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 14 Mon Employment: No.10 minute to MT (“NTI Presentation Rather than Policy”) [backbench revolt over training allowance] [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 10 Thu Employment: Tebbit minute to MT (“draft Parliamentary statement on Training and Special Employment Measures”) [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 9 Wed Employment: Tebbit minute to MT (“White Paper on Industrial Training”) [Hoskyns: “may fall flat on its face”] [declassified 2012]
81 Nov 23 Mon Employment: Tebbit letter to Brittan (“YOP allowance for 16 year olds”) [proposal to end supplementary benefit] [declassified 2012]
81 Nov 11 Wed Employment: Treasury letter to No.10 (“MSC estimate of cost of unemployment”) [declassified 2012]
81 Nov 3 Tue Employment: Treasury letter to No.10 (“SDP job creation programme”) [declassified 2012]
82 Jan 6 Wed Employment: Joseph letter to Brittan (Review Group on the Youth Service) [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 30 Wed Employment: Home Office press release (“Developing local voluntary action”) [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 21 Mon Employment: Howell letter to Tebbit (“Job Release Scheme”) [proposal to withdraw Civil Service from scheme] [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 17 Thu Employment: Tebbit letter to Howe (“Young Workers’ Scheme and the European Commission”) [declassified 2012]
81 Dec 4 Fri Employment: Department of Health and Social Security letter to No.10 (“Opportunities for Volunteering”) [declassified 2012]
81 Nov 6 Fri Employment: Policy Unit minute for Hoskyns, etc (“Reducing unemployment”) [‘Economist’ article: seven suggestions] [declassified 2012]