1981 Sep 14 - 1982 Apr 13
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Argentina (Falklands: sensitive briefing) (Part 1)

Document type: File list item
Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2012 Dec 28
Classification: Top Secret
Page count: 30
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Date Value Title
81 Sep 14 Mo Major Falklands: MOD draft paper ("Defence Implications of Argentine Action Against the Falkland Islands") [declassified 2012]
81 Sep 23 We Major Falklands: UKMIS New York telegram 909 to FCO (1934Z) ("Secretary of State's Meeting with Argentine Foreign Minister: 23 September") [Carrington-Camilion conversation] [declassified Dec 2012]
82 Apr 5 Mo Major Falklands: FCO letter to No.10 ("Falkland Islands") [papers addressing question of whether Falklands invasion could have been predicted on the basis of Argentine Government statements and press comment] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 6 Tu Major Falklands: MOD letter to No.10 ("Falkland Islands: Military Action") ["I cannot overemphasise the sensitivity of this paper"] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 8 Th Major Falklands: Armstrong briefing for MT ("OD(SA)(82) 3rd Meeting") [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 11 Su Major Falklands: UKE Brasilia telegram 88 to FCO (1530Z) ("President Figueiredo's Message") [message from Brazilian president to Galtieri] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 11 Su Major Falklands: Wade-Gery briefing for MT ("OD(SA) Meeting: 11 April") [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 13 Tu Major Falklands: FCO record of telephone conversation (1140Z) (Pym-Haig) [new movement from Argentina; Pym will consider] [declassified 2012]