1979 May 29 - 1981 Mar 2
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Government machinery (Reactivation of Civil Contingencies Unit in Cabinet Office: review of contingency planning; proposed Central Press Unit; use of TAVR during industrial disputes) (Part 1)

Document type: File list item
Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2011 Dec 30
Classification: Confidential
Page count: 70
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79 Jun 6 Wed Government Machinery: No.10 letter to Whitelaw PS ("Civil Contingencies Unit") [MT decision to reactivate CCU in light of "impending London Underground strike"] [declassified Dec 2011]
79 Sep 21 Fri Government Machinery: Whitelaw PS letter to No.10 ("Civil contingencies") ["state of readiness, against the possibility of industrial disruption this coming winter"] [declassified Dec 2011]
79 Sep 27 Thu Government Machinery: Whitelaw letter to Jenkin ("Contingency planning in the Health Service") [use of armed services] [declassified Dec 2011]
79 Oct 12 Fri Government Machinery: Cabinet Office briefing for MT ("Review of contingency planning") [Whitelaw paper] [declassified Dec 2011]
79 Nov 7 Wed Government Machinery: Fowler minute to MT ("Movement of coal to power stations") [status report] [declassified Dec 2011]
79 Nov 29 Thu Government Machinery: Whitelaw minute to MT ("Review of Contingency Planning") [review of Emergency Powers Acts] [declassified Dec 2011]
79 Dec 3 Mon Government Machinery: Cabinet Office briefing for MT ("Contingency planning: use of volunteers and Central Press Unit") [papers by Whitelaw & Angus Maude respectively] [declassified Dec 2011]
80 Mar 31 Mon Government Machinery: Cabinet Office minute to MT ("Civil Contingencies Unit") [Prior to substitute as Chair during Whitelaw's absence] [declassified Dec 2011]
80 Apr 9 Wed Government Machinery: Nott minute to MT ("The use of Territorial and Volunteer Reserves during industrial disputes") [case for amending legislation to enable use to maintain public services] [declassified Dec 2011]
80 Oct 29 Wed Government Machinery: No.10 minute: Policy Unit to Ingham ("Civil Contingencies Unit") [John Vereker's participation; CCU meeting of Ministers to discuss use of volunteers] [declassified Dec 2011]
80 Nov 14 Fri Government Machinery: Whitelaw PS letter to No.10 ("Possible firemen's strike: contingency measures") [army deployment] [declassified Dec 2011]
80 Nov 14 Fri Government Machinery: Fowler minute to MT ("Green Goddesses") [legal position in relation to armed services drivers in event of industrial action call-out] [declassified Dec 2011]
81 Feb 6 Fri Government Machinery: Chalker PS letter to Lord Soames PS ("Contingency planning: use of volunteers") ["scope for bringing in retired management personnel"] [declassified Dec 2011]
81 Feb 25 Wed Government Machinery: Chancellor of the Exchequer minute to MT ("Economic effects of industrial action") [proposal for a dedicated group based within Cabinet Office "to assess the economic significance of particular industrial threats"] [declassified Dec 2011]