1979 May 4 - 1981 Sep 23
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Cabinet (Questions of Procedure for Ministers: revision and reissue; disclosure of structure and details of Cabinet committees)

Document type: File list item
Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2011 Dec 30
Classification: Confidential
Page count: 171
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79 May 4 Fri Incoming brief: Cabinet Secretary's incoming brief for new PM ("Questions of Procedure for Ministers") [declassified 2011]
79 May 7 Mon Cabinet: No.10 letter to Cabinet Office ("Questions of Procedure for Ministers") [MT's comments on Hunt's draft 'Procedure' document] [declassified 2011]
79 May 10 Thu Cabinet: Hunt minute to MT ("Questions of Procedure for Ministers") [Cabinet Committees] [declassified 2011]
79 May 17 Thu Cabinet: Hunt minute to Vile ("Revelation of Cabinet Committees") [account of Hunt meeting with MT] [declassified 2011]
79 May 21 Mon Cabinet: Stowe minute to Private Secretaries (questions of procedure for Ministers) [instructions for Cabinet] [declassified 2011]
79 May 22 Tue Cabinet: Pattison minute to MT (secrecy of Cabinet Committees) [draft Parliamentary Answer] [declassified 2011]
80 Jul 11 Fri Cabinet: Cabinet Office letter to No.10 ("Acceptance of Gifts and Services") [procedure] [declassified 2011]
80 Nov 20 Thu Cabinet: Armstrong minute to Whitmore ("Questions of Procedure for Ministers") [request by Michael English MP for information on rules for guidance of Ministers] [declassified 2011]
80 Nov 21 Fri Cabinet: Pattison minute to Sanders (Michael English MP requests information on rules for guidance of Ministers) [declassified 2011]
81 Mar 24 Tue Prime Minister: Ann Taylor MP letter to MT (Taylor and David Young MP were not notified of ministerial visits to their constituencies) [declassified 2011]
81 Mar 31 Tue Prime Minister: MT letter to Ann Taylor MP (Taylor was not notified of ministerial visits to her constituency) [MT apologises] [declassified 2011]