1979 May 9 - 1980 Jun 30
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (Top Salaries Review Body reports on salaries of senior civil servants, senior armed forces officers, judges, nationalised industries board members, Ministers and MPs) (Part 1)

Document type: File list item
Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2010 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 114
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79 May 31 Th Major Economy: Hunt briefing for MT ("Top Salaries Review Body 11th Report (E(79) 4)") [declassified 2010]
80 May 19 Mo Major Economy: Armstrong briefing for MT ("Government Control over Public Board Members' Pay and Pensions (E(80) 40)") [Top Salaries Review Body] [declassified 2010]
80 Jun 18 We Major Economy: Armstrong briefing for MT ("TSRB 14 (C(80) 30)") [Top Salaries Review Body report] [declassified 2010]
80 Jun 30 Mo Major Economy: Armstrong briefing for MT ("The 14th and 15th Reports of the Top Salaries Review Body") [declassified 2010]