1980 Jul 1 - 1980 Sep 3
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (Strategy) (Part 6)

Document type: File list item
Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2010 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 215
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80 Jul 1 Tu Major Economy: Hoskyns letter to Burns (comments on draft presentation to Cabinet) [economic strategy] [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 2 We Major Economy: Armstrong briefing for MT ("The Economic Prospect (C(80) 35)") [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 16 We Major Economy: Sir Raymond Pennock letter to Chancellor of the Exchequer (CBI views on pay policy) [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 18 Fr Major Economy: Treasury letter to No.10 (possible speaking note on pay settlements) [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 21 Mo Major Economy: Hoskyns note to Lankester ("Is Public Expenditure Self-Indexing?") [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 25 Fr Major Economy: Hoskyns minute to MT ("The Pay Round Debate and the "Fear of Norms"") [Policy Unit paper] [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 28 Mo Major Economy: Department of Industry letter to Lankester ("Situation and Prospects of Industrial Sectors") [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 29 Tu Major Economy: Burns presentation to Cabinet ("Outline Notes on Economic Strategy") [first page] [declassified 2010]
80 Aug 8 Fr Major Economy: No.10 record of conversation (MT-Policy Unit) [declassified 2010]
80 Aug 12 Tu Major Economy: Chancellor of the Exchequer letter to Whitelaw ("Ministerial Steering Group on Government Strategy (MISC 14)") [declassified 2010]
80 Aug 12 Tu Major Economy: Chancellor of the Exchequer letter to Whitelaw ("Contracting Out of Public Sector Functions") [CPRS progress report] [declassified 2010]
80 Aug 20 We Major Economy: Harold Macmillan letter to MT (views on the present economic situation) [declassified 2010]
80 Sep 2 Tu Major Economy: Treasury minute to MT ("Monetary Control") [declassified 2010]
80 Sep 3 We Major Economy: Burns minute to Chancellor of the Exchequer ("Economic Strategy - Latest Developments") [declassified 2010]