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Text 05 Nov 20 Su Press Major Commentary (Sunday Times) Falklands: “The Sphinx and the curious case of the Iron Lady’s H-bomb” (memoirs of Mitterrand’s psychoanalyst)
Text 06 Jan 1 Su Press Major Commentary (Sunday Times) Conservatism: “Blair is fading away to a dubious place in history” (Portillo compares Blair & MT)
Text 06 Feb 16 Th Press Minor Commentary (The Times) Conservatism: "Overlooked back home, Thatcher's legacy seeks haven in the US" (Conservatives rebuild relations with Republicans)
Text 06 Mar 16 Th Press Major Archive (Thatcher MSS) IEA Seminar (25th anniversary of 1981 budget) [Andrew Alexander, Terry Burns, David Laws, Stephen Nickell, Michael Oliver & Geoffrey Wood]
Text 06 Mar 28 Tu Press Major Commentary (The Times) Obituary: Weinberger [Caspar] (1917-2006) [long-time US friend & ally of MT]
Text 06 Apr 6 Th Press Major Rumsfeld (Donald) Obituary: Weinberger [Caspar] (Donald Rumsfeld Eulogy)
Text 06 Aug 26 Sa Press Major Commentary (The Times) Obituary: Sherman [Sir Alfred] (1919-2006) [key 1970s advisor to MT]
Text 06 Nov 16 Th Press Major Commentary (The Times) Obituary: Friedman [Milton] (1912-2006)
PDF 07 Mar 19 Mo Press Major Commentary (CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence) Cold War: CIA intelligence monograph (“A Cold War Conundrum: The 1983 Soviet War Scare”) [origins and scope of Operation RYAN]
Text 07 Sep 12 We Press Major Powell (Lord) Charles MT: Interview with Charles Powell (MT’s policy on Europe, East & West)
Text 07 Sep 16 Su Press Minor Commentary (Sunday Times) MT: “Tories must learn the lady is for turning to their advantage” (MT visits Gordon Brown at No.10)
Text 07 Sep 16 Su Press Major Commentary (Sunday Times) MT: “Rudy Giuliani mocks Hillary claim to be Iron Lady” (MT role in US presidential election)
Text 07 Oct 28 Su Press Major Commentary (The Times) MT: “US dismissed Margaret Thatcher as suburban matron who would never win power” (State Department files)
Text 08 Feb 27 We Press Major Commentary (The Times) Obituary: Buckley [William F., Jr.] (1925-2008) [leading American conservative]
Text 08 Aug 25 Mo Press Major Commentary (The Times) MT: “Margaret Thatcher's struggle with dementia revealed in daughter's memoir” [Carol Thatcher book serialised]
Text 09 Sep 11 Fr Press Key Commentary (The Times) German unification: “Thatcher told Gorbachev Britain did not want German unification” (documents from Gorbachev Archive) [“Britain & Western Europe are not interested in the unification of Germany”]
Text 12 Feb 6 Mo Press Major Moore (Charles) Conservatism: Margaret Thatcher & Capitalism (2012 Adam Smith Lecture)
PDF 16 Nov 3 Th Press Major Bermant (Azriel) Middle East: Azriel Bermant "Thatcher's Diplomatic Initiative" (chapter 7 of Margaret Thatcher and the Middle East ) [1983-85]

Documents lie at the core of this website, each one dated and sorted chronologically (by default) in search results. Most are images in PDF format of original paper documents scanned or filmed for the site. There also transcripts of speeches and interviews, press articles, photos, videos, and more. The document database contains tens of thousands of items and permits complex searching.

Files are multi-page PDFs from which most of the documents on the site are selected. All of Mrs Thatcher’s official files from No.10 are available in full on this site (paper copies are stored at the National Archives in the series PREM19), as well as most of those of Geoffrey Howe and Nigel Lawson as Chancellor (stored at TNA as series T639 and T640).

Guides are articles about key events and topics. Many were written to accompany annual releases of Mrs Thatcher’s private and party papers at the Churchill Archive Centre in Cambridge.


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