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PDF PREM19/609 81 Nov 10 82 Jun 9 153 Secret Vatican (Visit to UK by the Pope, May-June 1982) (Part 2)
PDF PREM19/627 82 May 11 82 May 14 368 Secret Argentina (Falklands) (Part 16)
PDF PREM19/647 82 May 5 82 May 14 138 Secret Argentina (Falklands: sensitive briefing) (Part 5)
PDF PREM19/654 82 Apr 15 82 Jul 5 203 Secret Argentina (Falkland Islands Review Committee (chaired by Lord Franks): general correspondence) (Part 1)
PDF PREM19/665 82 Mar 2 82 Nov 24 110 Secret Broadcasting (Direct broadcasting by satellite; cable systems and broadcasting policy) (Part 2)
PDF PREM19/739 82 Mar 22 82 May 14 196 Secret European policy (European Community budget) (Part 15)
PDF PREM19/936 79 May 15 82 Sep 30 197 Confidential Transport (Armitage Report on Lorries, People and the Environment; draft White Paper) (Part 1)
PDF PREM19/1003 81 Nov 9 83 Apr 29 204 Secret Economic policy (Top Salaries Review Body (TSRB): reports on salaries of senior civil servants, senior members of the armed services and judges; salaries of Members of Parliament) (Part 4)
PDF PREM19/1034 81 Feb 17 83 Mar 29 226 Confidential France (Franco-British Council; visit of Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy in May 1982; meeting with Prime Minister)
PDF PREM19/1240 (annex) 81 Sep 11 84 Feb 29 171 Secret France (Visits to UK by President Mitterrand; briefing for May 1982 meeting of Franco-British Council in Edinburgh) (Part 3)
PDF PREM19/1240 (main part) 81 Sep 11 84 Feb 29 327 Top Secret France (Visits to UK by President Mitterrand; meeting of Franco-British Council; Prime Minister's meetings with Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy and Minister for European Affairs Roland Dumas) (Part 3)
PDF PREM19/1598 79 May 8 85 Feb 28 288 Secret Police (Police pay)
PDF PREM19/1770 79 Jun 11 86 Jan 29 201 Confidential Government Machinery (Crown Agents Tribunal of Enquiry: future of the Crown Agents) (Part 1)
PDF PREM19/2573 80 Jan 17 88 May 31 254 Secret Yugoslavia (Internal situation: relations with UK) (Part 1)
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Documents lie at the core of this website, each one dated and sorted chronologically (by default) in search results. Most are images in PDF format of original paper documents scanned or filmed for the site. There also transcripts of speeches and interviews, press articles, photos, videos, and more. The document database contains tens of thousands of items and permits complex searching.

Files are multi-page PDFs from which most of the documents on the site are selected. All of Mrs Thatcher’s official files from No.10 are available in full on this site (paper copies are stored at the National Archives in the series PREM19), as well as most of those of Geoffrey Howe and Nigel Lawson as Chancellor (stored at TNA as series T639 and T640).

Guides are articles about key events and topics. Many were written to accompany annual releases of Mrs Thatcher’s private and party papers at the Churchill Archive Centre in Cambridge.


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