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Info only 72 Dec 6 We Chronology Key [Chronology] MT's White Paper published: Education: A Framework for Expansion
Info only 73 Jan 1 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Britain acceded to the European Community
Info only 73 Oct 6 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Arab-Israeli War (ended 24 Oct); oil price increased 70 per cent
Info only 73 Oct 8 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Phase III announced: 2.25 or 7 per cent; inflation linked `threshold’ payments
Info only 73 Nov 12 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] NUM overtime ban began; State of Emergency following day
Info only 73 Dec 9 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Sunningdale Agreement
Info only 73 Dec 13 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Three day week announced
Info only 74 Feb 7 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election called for 28 Feb
Info only 74 Feb 10 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Miners’ strike began (ended 11 Mar)
Info only 74 Feb 28 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election: no overall majority for any party
Info only 74 Mar 2 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Heath offered Liberals seats in coalition; rejected by them
Info only 74 May 15 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Northern Ireland: Loyalist strike began; executive resigned (28 May)
Info only 74 Jun 22 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Keith Joseph’s Upminster speech
Info only 74 Sep 5 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Keith Joseph’s Preston speech
Info only 74 Oct 10 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election: Labour majority of three
Info only 74 Oct 19 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Keith Joseph’s Edgbaston speech
Info only 74 Nov 21 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Keith Joseph told MT he would not stand for the leadership; MT decided she would
Info only 75 Feb 4 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Conservative leadership first ballot: Heath resigned
Info only 75 Feb 11 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Conservative leadership second ballot: MT elected leader
Info only 75 Feb 18 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Shadow Cabinet complete
Info only 75 Apr 9 We Chronology Key [Chronology] MT met Ronald Reagan for the first time (or possibly the second)
Info only 75 Jun 5 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] European Referendum: 67.2 per cent for; 32.8 per cent against (64 per cent turnout)
Info only 75 Jul 1 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Labour Government proposed pay policy; White Paper (11 Jly)
Info only 75 Sep 13 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] MT visited USA and Canada (returned 26 Spt)
Info only 75 Nov 27 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Ross McWhirter murdered by IRA - MT given 24 hour police protection
Info only 76 Mar 16 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Wilson announced his resignation as Prime Minister
Info only 76 Apr 5 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Callaghan elected Labour leader; became Prime Minister
Info only 76 Apr 7 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Government lost its majority (Stonehouse resigned whip)
Info only 76 Sep 28 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Sterling crisis resumed: Healey turned back from Heathrow
Info only 76 Oct 4 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] The Right Approach published
Info only 76 Dec 1 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Shadow Cabinet decided to oppose devolution on 2R; Buchanan-Smith and Rifkind resigned
Info only 76 Dec 15 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget: Letter of Intent to IMF published (loan granted 3 Jan 77)
Info only 77 Feb 22 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] HC: devolution guillotine defeated 312:283
Info only 77 Mar 23 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Lib-Lab Pact
Info only 78 Jul 21 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Stage 3 White Paper: 5 per cent pay guideline
Info only 78 Sep 7 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Callaghan surprise broadcast: no autumn General Election
Info only 79 Jan 3 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Lorry drivers’ strike began; "Winter of Discontent" peaking
Info only 79 Jan 10 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Callaghan's return from Guadelope Summit: "Crisis, What Crisis?" ( Sun )
Info only 79 Mar 1 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates reduced 1 per cent, from 14 to 13 per cent
Info only 79 Mar 28 We Chronology Key [Chronology] HC: Government fell
Info only 79 Mar 29 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election announced for 3 May
Info only 79 Mar 30 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Airey Neave murdered by INLA
Info only 79 Apr 5 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates reduced 1 per cent, from 13 to 12 per cent
Info only 79 May 3 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election: Conservative victory (43 majority)
Info only 79 May 4 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] MT appointed Prime Minister
Info only 79 Jun 7 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] European Elections
Info only 79 Jun 12 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 79 Jun 13 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates increased 2 per cent, from 12 to 14 per cent
Info only 79 Jul 20 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: Ridley's first visit, floats leaseback (ended 26 Jul)
Info only 79 Jul 31 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Lusaka Commonwealth Meeting began (ended 8 Aug)

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