Essential Margaret Thatcher

Brief reading list

Margaret Thatcher

The Downing Street Years (1993)

Memoirs of the premiership, 1979-90

Margaret Thatcher

The Path to Power (1995)

Memoirs 1925-79

Margaret Thatcher

Statecraft (2002) [486pp]

Reflections on international affairs

John Campbell

The Grocer's Daughter (2000) [512pp]

Covers the years 1925-79: first volume of a two volume biography by one of Britain's most successful political biographers, ending at her appointment to the premiership

John Campbell

The Iron Lady (2003) [913pp]

Second volume covers MT after 1979

Nigel (Lord) Lawson

The View from No. 11 (1992)

Energy Secretary, 1981-83; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1983-89: indispensable account of policy-making in the Thatcher governments and of the bitter dispute over membership of the ERM, from Lawson's perspective

Paul Sharp

Thatcher's Diplomacy: The Revival of British Foreign Policy
(First edition 1997; second edition (with new preface), 1999) [269pp]

A brief and original study of Margaret Thatcher's impact on British foreign policy

Sir Lawrence Freedman

The Official History of the Falklands War (2005) [two volumes]

A massive study of the war based on privileged access to closed British Government files

Sir Lawrence Freedman and Virginia Gamba-Stonehouse

Signals of War: The Falklands Conflict of 1982 (1990) [476pp]

Until publication of the Official History (above) this was the best study of the war, and particularly of political and diplomatic decision-making on both sides; based on extensive interviews with political and military participants in Britain, Argentina and the United States

Iain Dale (editor)

Memories of Maggie (2000) [310pp]

Brief, anecdotal sketches of MT's character and outlook by friends & colleagues

Carol Thatcher

Below the Parapet (1996) [303pp]

Readable personal biography of DT by his daughter Carol