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Argentine Junta: Argentine Presidency record of Reagan-Galtieri phone conversation (0034-0114Z) (Spanish original & transcript, with English translation) [Reagan fails to persuade Galtieri not to invade the Falklands] [declassified 2013; this copy 2015]

Document type: Declassified documents
Source: Malvinas Special Commission papers, 28 Mar-1 Apr 1982, file AR-EA-CEM-IEC-01-03 Argentine Archivo General de la Nación, Buenos Aires
Editorial comments:

There is a copy of this document in the Rattenbach files (CM1/25/83 document IV/12), but it is of poor quality, cropping many words at the right hand side of the page. A fuller copy can be found in another file from the Argentine Ministry of Defence, declassified in 2015 then released online in 2022 under its "Malvinas 40 anos" commemorative programme (file: AR-EA-CEM-IEC-01-03). The original text is followed by a transcription in Spanish and translation into English by site editors. Read other documents selected from this file.

A tape machine installed in President Galtieri's office in anticipation of this and many other historic calls in coming days failed to work. Accordingly the record was reconstructed from memory and notes (Yofre 1982). Most unusually, the White House failed to make a record at all, reasons unclear. Timings from White House logs. See also the relevant entry in Jim Rentschler's diary, on this site. Read other documents selected from the Rattenbach files

Published online April 2022.

Importance ranking: Key
Word count: 10pp
Themes: British relations with the US, Foreign policy (USA), Foreign policy (Americas excluding USA), Defence (Falklands)