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Ministry of Defence, Private Office files of Permanent Under-Secretary of State

Falklands: Ministry of Defence minute ("Radio Atlantico del Sur: Summary of Programme No.25/26 - 4/5 Jun 1982") [news - UK/US veto of UNSCR ceasefire resolution; MT-Reagan talks in Paris; Astiz arrival in UK; Vulcan bomber at Rio; Israel-Lebanon; Iran-Iraq war; Soviet talks with Argentine grain board; separate items (military and political situation; list of wounded prisoners, Q&A on Geneva Convention; Costa Mendez in Havana); reception - determined efforts at jamming evening show especially, but ineffectual] [declassified Oct 2019]

Document type: Declassified documents
Source: DEFE23/231 f183
Editorial comments:

Radio Atlantico del Sur was a station set up by the Ministry of Defence broadcasting in Spanish to Argentine soldiers on the Falklands, using a requisitioned BBC transmitter. Read other documents selected from this file.

Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 1p
Themes: Foreign policy (Americas excluding USA), Media, Defence (Falklands)