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Gulf War: National Security Council minutes on Persian Gulf [uncertain response] [declassified 2012]

Document type: Declassified documents
Venue: Cabinet Room, the White House
Source: Bush Library, NSC (Richard Haass Files), Working Files Iraq 2/8/90-12/90 (8 of 8)
Editorial comments:

This was the meeting of which Brent Scowcroft later wrote that he was "frankly appalled at the undertone of the discussion, which suggested resignation to the invasion and even adaptation of a fait accompli" (Bush and Scowcroft A World Transformed (1992), p317).

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Themes: Trade, Energy, Foreign policy (USA), Foreign policy (Middle East), Foreign policy (International organizations), Defence (general), British relations with the Soviet Union, British relations with the US, Defence (Gulf War, 1990-91)