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1985 Oct 23 We
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MT Engagement Diary

Document type: Declassified documents
Document kind: Engagement Diary
Venue: -
Source: THCR 6/1/2/7
Journalist: -
Editorial comments: Taken from a typed version of the appointment diary prepared in the Garden Room following MT's resignation but before 1992. The handwritten original has also been studied and material from that source has sometimes been added in, with explicit notes to that effect. The handwritten volumes are now being deposited at TNA in the series PREM32; PREM32/19 is the manuscript version of the diary, PREM32/7 the typed one.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 1p
Themes: -

Wednesday 23 October 1985

               [Material from handwritten original of the 1985 appointment diary: New York.]
0745   Hair
              Breakfast in suite
0820   Depart (on foot) for:
0830   Breakfast meeting with the press (Perez de Cuellar Suite, UN Plaza Hotel)
0935   Depart by limousine for:
0945   Call on Secretary General, UN Secretariat
1020   Return to hotel - work on speech
1115   Interview with John Newhouse (New Yorker) in suite
1200   Meeting with PM Peres of Israel in suite
1255   Depart hotel (on foot) for:
1315   Secretary General’s luncheon (Delegates Lounge, UN)
c1430   Depart UN for hotel (on foot)
              Autocue practice
1640   Depart hotel for:
1705-1735   Meeting with President Reagan - Waldorf Astoria Hotel
              Change at Waldorf Astoria
1900-(2100)    President Reagan’s reception, Empire Room, Waldorf Astoria
1930   Depart Waldorf Astoria
1945 for 2000   Consul General’s Dinner to meet US Bankers and Financiers
c2200   Return to hotel
              Autocue practice


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