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​​​​​​​MT: Charles & Carla Powell letter to MT (congratulations) ["All the same, I hope that you will not put yourself through it again"] [released Oct 2017]

Document type: Declassified documents
Source: Thatcher MSS, Churchill Archive Centre: THCR 1/3/23 f28
Editorial comments:

In late September 2017 Lord Powell looked through a copy of this letter and made the following comment for

"I had actually forgotten writing the letter until Charles Moore cited it in his biography of Margaret Thatcher. It’s an unusual letter for a civil servant to send a Prime Minister even on a very personal basis, reflecting the small size and intimacy of No 10 especially in those days. I had been distressed to observe at close quarters the stress of a third election campaign and the back-biting it involved on Margaret Thatcher’s health and performance and wanted to discourage her in her own interests from any inclination to go “on and on”. / We discussed the letter. Her main reaction was there was as yet no suitable successor to her, though several who thought they were. As far as I remember she did not comment either way on a fourth term. In the light of subsequent events my advice to her looks pretty sound."

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