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Personal and party papers, Cambridge

USSR: MT notes (conversation with Mitterrand on Gorbachev) ["Shall not weaken our defences because of a few interesting speeches from Mr. G. G. won't divide Europe from U.S."] ​​​​​​​[released 2017]

Document type: Declassified documents
Source: THCR 1/10/113 f3
Editorial comments:

The first pages of the notes appear to be joittings MT made in preparation for the conversation, the last two her record of what was actually said. Charles Powell's account of the meeting can be read here.

Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 11pp
Themes: Economy (general discussions), Agriculture, Foreign policy (USSR & successor states), Foreign policy (Western Europe - non-EU), European Union (general), Defence (arms control), British relations with the US, British relations with the Soviet Union, British relations with France