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1984 Dec 19 We
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MT Engagement Diary

Document type: Declassified documents
Document kind: Engagement Diary
Venue: -
Source: THCR 6/1/2/6
Journalist: -
Editorial comments: Taken from a typed version of the appointment diary prepared in the Garden Room following MT's resignation but before 1992. The handwritten original has also been studied and material from that source has sometimes been added in, with explicit notes to that effect. The handwritten volumes are now being deposited at TNA in the series PREM32; PREM32/18 is the manuscript version of the diary, PREM32/6 the typed one.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 1p
Themes: -

Wednesday 19 December 1984

               [Material from handwritten original of the 1984 appointment diary: Overseas.]
               [see THCR 1/10/78 f5 for programme for MT’s official visit to China, including procedures and diagrams of major activities; with Sir Geoffrey Howe,
              Lady Howe, Sir Richard Evans, Sir Percy Cradock, Sir Edward Youde, Mr F.E.R. [Robin] Butler, Dr. David Wilson, Mr R. MacLaren, Mr C.D. [Charles]

0730   Breakfast
0850   Depart for Great Hall of the People
0900   Welcoming ceremony
0915   Courtesy meeting with Premier Zhao Ziyang
0930   Talks with Premier Zhao Ziyang in Eastern Hall
1230   Meeting with President Li Xiannian in Yang Yuan Hall
1245   Lunch with President Xiannian
1450   Depart Guesthouse of Zhongnanhai
1500   Meeting with General Secretary Hu Yaobang
1550   Leave Zhongnanhai for GHP [Great Hall of the People]
1600   Meeting with Chairman Deng Xiaoping
1730   Signing Ceremony in Western Hall
1800   Leave for Diaoyutai Guesthouse
1845   Departure for banquet
1930   Welcoming banquet in Banquet Hall


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