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Economy: Alan Walters diary [Cabinet agree pay norm; PM said too high][released 2012]

Document type: Declassified documents
Source: Walters MSS (Churchill Archives Centre): WTRS 3/1/2
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Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 101
Themes: Monetary policy, Pay

Thursday 30th September 1982

Anne Krueger - wanted me to consider job in Research Dept of Bank

Harland + Wolf get away with 40+% subsidy for new ships - no condition on wages - sad

[4 10,000 ton vessels (refrig cargo) for Blue Star Line]

only a recommendation that wage increases be zero

Cabinet agree to pay “norm&rdquo of 3½ (shades of Selwyn Lloyd) - Treasury argued 4%, but PM said too high and even JP [Jim Prior] agreed with 3½%

John Chewin [?name unclear: John Chewn]

PM like Hermione Parker study (at lunch with Private Secs)

Dinner with Norman Payne