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Economy: Alan Walters diary [Middleton tells Walters not to admit collusion; Howe angry][released 2012]

Document type: Declassified documents
Source: Walters MSS (Churchill Archives Centre): WTRS 3/1/2
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Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 149
Themes: Monetary policy

Thursday 22nd July 1982

Andreas W. Smith [Andreas Whittam-Smith] got hold of the correspondence B-G [Jock Bruce Gardyne] Treasury + Gvr on the new taps.

Left by Nick Monck in a restaurant.

Gvr [Gordon Richardson] persuading him not to publish ruin Nick

PM very nice - “could have happened to any of us”

- but very embarrassing due to security leaks

Cabinet fudge to keep Atlantic Conveyor replacement £40m in UK - part carrier

Defence would contract

Economist’s AGM luncheon - met Lord Goodman

Peter M [Peter Middleton] said I must NOT say anything about our collusion on the 25th issue of NSC [National Savings Certificates]. Geoffrey [Sir Geoffrey Howe] mad since he was rejecting J B-G’s memo when the rocket came from No. 10.

Saw Frank Cooper also

Party at No. 10. Spoke to Mark T [Mark Thatcher]. Lots of MP’s [sic]

Brandon Rhys Williams on orchestras