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1982 Jun 23 We
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MT Engagement Diary

Document type: Declassified documents
Document kind: Engagement Diary
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Source: THCR 6/1/2/4
Journalist: -
Editorial comments: Taken from a typed version of the appointment diary prepared in the Garden Room following MT's resignation but before 1992. The handwritten original has also been studied and material from that source has sometimes been added in, with explicit notes to that effect. The handwritten volumes will eventually make their way to TNA.
Importance ranking: Minor
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Wednesday 23 June 1982

0712-0722   Live interview with ABC TV: Good Morning America at UN Plaza
0737-0747   NBC TV: Today Show
0812-0820   CBS TV: Morning News
0845   Hairdresser
0945   Called on Secretary General de Cuellar
              Accompanied by Sir A. Parsons, Mr. D. Summerhayes and Mr. Whitmore
1030   Called on President of General Assembly - Mr. Kittani
1050   Addressed UN Special Session on Disarmament
1120   Accepted congratulations
1145   On-the-record press conference at UN
1230   Separate interviews at UN with BBC, IRN, ITN
1315   Lunch with Secretary-General
1440   Left by car for Kennedy Airport
1520   Took off for Washington
1630   Arrived Andrew's Air Force Base
              Met by Secretary Haig and Sir Nicholas and Lady Henderson
1640   Helicopter to Reflecting Pool
1650   By car to the White House
1700-1740    Talks with President Reagan
1740   Few words to the press
              Left White House
1755   Arrived Blair House for tea
1805   Press Conference at Executive Office building
1825   Left by car for Reflecting Pool
1830   Helicopter to Andrew's Air Force Base
1900   Took off for London Heathrow


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