Margaret Thatcher

Speech to the College of Europe ("The Bruges Speech") [film]

Document type: Multimedia
Venue: Bruges Belfrey, Bruges
Source: College of Europe Archive
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Embargoed until 1730. MT had planned to use an autocue, but the layout of the venue - a hall with scarcely anyone in front of her, the audience flanking her on either side - made autocue inappropriate, so she spoke from a paper text, which may be read here.

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Themes: Agriculture, Employment, Trade, Foreign policy (USA), Foreign policy (Central & Eastern Europe), Foreign policy (development, aid, etc), European Union (general), European Union Budget, Economic, monetary & political union, European Union Single Market, Defence (general), Terrorism, Northern Ireland, British Constitution (general discussions), Civil liberties, Race, immigration, nationality, Famous statements by MT, British relations with France, British relations with Italy, British relations with Netherlands, British relations with the Federal Republic of Germany

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