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1979 Jun 28 Th
Archive (Thatcher MSS)

MT Engagement Diary

Document type: Declassified documents
Document kind: Engagement Diary
Venue: -
Source: THCR 6/1/2/1
Journalist: -
Editorial comments: Taken from a typed version of the appointment diary prepared in the Garden Room at some point following MT’s resignation. The original remained in the custody of the Cabinet Office. The text differs in places from a second MS text of the diary at THCR 6/1/1/30, which probably derived from MT’s office at the House of Commons: elements from that second document have been added to this online version where they add material of substance (and explicitly noted as such).
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 1p
Themes: -

Thursday 28 June 1979

0100   To bed
0630   Early morning call
0700   Hair
0742   Left Hotel
0747   Arrived Mr. Ohira’s residence
0800-0850   Breakfast with other Heads of State given by Mr. Ohira
0902   Left the residence
0907   Arrived Akasaka Palace
              Met by Mr. Ohira
0930-1230   First Session of Summit meeting
1240-1300   Stroll in Akasaka Palace Garden
1300-1450   Lunch for Heads of State and Ministers given by Mr. Ohira at Banquet Hall at Akasaka Palace
1500-1800   Second Session
              Returned to Hotel
1917   Left Hotel with Lord Carrington and HM Ambassador
1922   Arrived Imperial Palace
1930   Court Banquet
2200   Returned to Hotel


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