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South Africa: Poindexter memorandum for Armacost (“Public Diplomacy Program for South Africa”) [declassified 1999]

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Venue: State Department
Source: Reagan Library (NSC African Affairs Directorate Box 91026)
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Themes: Commonwealth (South Africa), Foreign policy (Africa), Foreign policy (USA), British policy towards South Africa


November 1, 1985

Under Secretary for Political Affairs Department of State

SUBJECT: Public Diplomacy Program for South Africa (U)

The SPG was briefed on the comprehensive public diplomacy plan for South Africa, submitted by the Department of State on October 1. It is essential that we sustain the effort in this vital policy area. It is particularly important to move into the middle- and long-term program aspects of this comprehensive strategy. The Special Working Group established under State Department chairmanship has developed an effective plan and a comprehensive process which should permit mobilization of the necessary resources required to carry out the program. All agencies are requested to ensure that the required resources and personnel are, as appropriate, made available to the Working Group.

Specifically, AID should prepare a plan for reprogramming of the $15 million for South Africa programs, as indicated in the paper submitted to the SPG. The SPG was briefed on the importance of a USG presence being established at Port Elizabeth, and it is recommended that the Department of State continue to evaluate this option.

It is particularly important to proceed energetically to mobilize our allies to seek to concert full community resources to support our policies. This includes a commitment of both public and private sectors in our country as well as Britain, the FRG, and other areas, as appropriate. We would encourage an early high-level delegation to West Europe to pursue this dimension of our program.

I request that the Working Group submit a status report to the NSC by November 30.

J. M. Poindexter

J. M. Poindexter
Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

cc: Administrator, Agency for International Development Director, United States Information Agency
The Secretary of Defense