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South Africa: White House Press Office Fact Sheet (“President’s decision on South African measures”)

Document type: Declassified documents
Venue: White House Press Office
Source: Reagan Library
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Themes: Foreign policy (Africa), Commonwealth (South Africa), British policy towards South Africa


Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

September 9, 1985


  • President sending a strong signal to South African Government: apartheid must go; time is now for bold action; actions assert his strong leadership on this issue.

  • U.S. policy has long included measures to disassociate ourselves from apartheid.

  • Actions are consistent with President's intent to maintain active presence and influence of American companies, churches, teachers, diplomats, in pushing for change in South Africa.

  • President shares concerns of American people about racism; his action designed to speak for entire Nation and pull American people together on this important issue.

  • President's measures not designed to damage South African economy and hurt those we are trying to help; targeted on specific elements of government apparatus.

  • President wants to work with Congress, on a bipartisan basis, to achieve positive and productive changes in the policies of the South African Government.

  • E.O. commits U.S. to maintain strong presence in South Africa, supports fair employment practices of U.S. companies, increases USG funds for scholarships and human rights activities.

  • E.O. prohibits U.S. banks lending to South African Government, except loans which would promote welfare of all South Africans.

  • E.O. bans all computer exports to military, police, and other apartheid-enforcing agencies.

  • E.O. prohibits U.S. nuclear exports to South Africa except for items needed for health and safety or for IAEA safeguard programs.

  • E.O. requires firms to adhere to principles similar to voluntary Sullivan program; goal is to maintain voluntarism, but those who do not adhere will be denied USG trade assistance.

  • E.O. requires USG to consult with GATT partners on Krugerrand ban.

  • E.O. requires the Secretary of Treasury to study feasibility of minting and issuing gold coins.

  • E.O. directs the Secretary of State to establish advisory committee of distinguished Americans to provide recommendations on measures to encourage peaceful change in South Africa.

  • E.O. will implement U.N. resolution, which U.S. supported, banning imports of South African arms.