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MT: Revived Margaret Thatcher leaves hospital (spend night in St. Thomas’s)

Document type: Press
Source: The Sunday Times , 9 March 2008
Journalist: Sarah-Kate Templeton
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Revived Margaret Thatcher leaves hospital

Sarah-Kate Templeton

BARONESS THATCHER was feeling "much revived" last night after giving the nation a turn when she was taken to hospital for tests.

The former prime minister, 82, spent a night in St Thomas's hospital in central London after she felt faint and nauseous and her legs started to give way while she was having dinner at the House of Lords with friends on Friday evening.

Yesterday afternoon she appeared in good spirits as she walked out of hospital, stopping to wave to onlookers and speak to hospital staff.

Smartly dressed in a pink dress, pearl earrings, black shoes and a black handbag she was gently helped into a waiting Jaguar car by a nurse.

Mark Worthington, her private secretary, said: “She’s very comfortable and she had a comfortable night. She is feeling a lot better, much revived.”

Her daughter Carol said that because St Thomas's was near the Lords, it made sense for her to be admitted for checks. “You can see St Thomas's hospital from there and very wisely, at her age and with a history of little strokes, they decided to err on the side of caution, ” she said.

This weekend Gordon Brown led the “get well” wishes. “We are encouraged to hear that reports about her condition are better. I and others wish her well in a very speedy recovery, ” he said.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, said: “I’m sure the entire country will join me in wishing her a full and speedy recovery. ”