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Margaret Thatcher

Message to The Sun (supports call for referendum on EU Treaty)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Source: The Sun , 29 September 2006
Editorial comments: An article from The Sun published alongside the message is also available on this site.
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Themes: European Union (general), Labour Party & socialism

I wholeheartedly support The Sun’s campaign for a referendum on the new EU treaty.

Yet again the British people are being told that the changes in the Treaty are not important, that they are technical, and that in any case we have either blocked or gained opt-outs in all the worst cases.

Well, we’ve heard it all before only to see more and more powers grabbed by Brussels.

So yet again Sun readers are standing up for Britain and calling our Government to account.

This Treaty is a blueprint for a European Constitution in all but name Ñ a Constitution which has already been rejected.

But that’s one little “technicality” the Brussels bureaucrats want us to forget.

So may I say to the Prime Minister, don’t believe the assurances from Brussels Ñ they gave similar ones to me!

It’s not too late to listen and it’s not too late to act.

This Treaty matters Prime Minister, so be bold and let the British people have the final say!