Margaret Thatcher

HC S: [Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government] [film]

Document type: Multimedia
Venue: House of Commons
Source: Parliamentary Recording Unit
Editorial comments: 1650-1723. A written text of this speech is also available in the Speeches section of the site.
Importance ranking: Key
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Themes: Agriculture, Conservatism, Defence (general), Defence (arms control), Defence (Falklands), Education, Employment, Industry, General Elections, Monetary policy, Pay, Public spending & borrowing, Taxation, Trade, European Union (general), European Union Budget, Economic, monetary & political union, European Union Single Market, Foreign policy (Central & Eastern Europe), Foreign policy (International organizations), Foreign policy (Middle East), Foreign policy (USSR & successor states), Health policy, NHS reforms 1987-90, Housing, Labour Party & socialism, Leadership, Conservative (leadership elections), Social security & welfare, Trade union law reform, Famous statements by MT

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