Archive (Vaizey MSS)

Education: MT to John Vaizey (welcomes his letter & urges they meet)

Document type: Declassified documents
Venue: House of Commons
Source: Vaizey MSS, Hoover Institution, Stanford
Editorial comments: John Vaizey was an economist and historian of British educational policy, identified with the Labour Party but increasingly leaning to the right as the 1970s progressed. He had written to MT on 7 September 1970 suggesting that outrage at her issue of Circular 10/70 was misplaced (on the grounds that the movement towards comprehensive education would continue to accelerate regardless of the views of the Education Secretary). He also supported her decision to set up an inquiry into teacher training. Finally he recommended to her the book by Colin Lacey referred to at the beginning of her reply.
Importance ranking: Major
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