Conservative Party

Conservative Campaign Guide 1977

Document type: Declassified documents
Editorial comments: Assigned to 1 March 1977 following date of preface.
Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 358,534 words or 789 pages in original text
Themes: Agriculture, Arts & entertainment, British Constitution (general discussions), Executive, Executive (appointments), Judiciary, Monarchy, Parliament, Union of UK nations, Civil liberties, Commonwealth (general), Commonwealth (Rhodesia-Zimbabwe), Commonwealth (South Africa), Conservatism, Conservative Party (organization), Conservative Party (history), Defence (general), Defence (arms control), Economic policy - theory and process, Education, Private education, Primary education, Secondary education, Higher & further education, Employment, Industry, Elections & electoral system, By-elections, European elections, General Elections, Local elections, Monetary policy, Privatized & state industries, Energy, Environment, Pay, Public spending & borrowing, Taxation, Trade, European Union (general), European Union Budget, Economic, monetary & political union, Foreign policy - theory and process, Foreign policy (Africa), Family, Foreign policy (Americas excluding USA), Foreign policy (Asia), Foreign policy (Australia & NZ), Foreign policy (Central & Eastern Europe), Foreign policy (development, aid, etc), Foreign policy (International organizations), Foreign policy (Middle East), Foreign policy (USA), Foreign policy (USSR & successor states), Foreign policy (Western Europe - non-EU), Health policy, Private health care, Housing, Labour Party & socialism, Law & order, Local government, Local government finance, Liberal & Social Democratic Parties, Leadership, Media, Northern Ireland, Race, immigration, nationality, Religion & morality, Science & technology, Security services & intelligence, Society, Sport, Social security & welfare, Terrorism, Transport, Trade unions, Trade union law reform, Strikes & other union action, Voluntary sector & charity, Women