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Northern Ireland: NSC note on Shultz Evening Report (British urge revision of US/UK extradition treaty) [declassified 2000]

Document type: Declassified documents
Venue: White House
Source: Reagan Library: European & Soviet Directorate NSC (Thatcher Visit - Dec 84 [2] Box 90902)
Editorial comments: Declassified 17 May 2000.
Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 268 words
Themes: Foreign policy (USA), Law & order, Northern Ireland, Terrorism

Declassified F97-013#45
By SMF, NARA, Date 5/17/00


The White House

FROM: Robert M. Kimmitt
SUBJECT: Secretary Shultz’s Evening Report of 12/18/84

The following excerpt is for your information only. Please do not refer to it in any of the discussions.

4. British Reaction to Denial of Extradition Request Sommer/Thompson. On December 14, Sir Geoffrey Howe passed me a hand-written note about a New York Federal district court’s denial on political offense grounds of a UK request for extradition of IRA gunman and convicted murderer Joseph Doherty. Howe stressed he understands fully the independent nature of the US judiciary and emphasised that his note was not a complaint but rather an identification of a common problem. He suggested that the US and UK should jointly consider either (a) amount of the present extradition treaty, (b) change in US legislation, or (c) some other move to crack down on terrorism. Despite some opposition in the Home Office to raising this issue, Prime Minister Thatcher probably will take a similar line with you during her visit. Coincidentally, the Department’s Dan McGovern is now in London discussing the possibility of amending the extradition treaty or taking other actions to avoid dut misuse of the political offenses exception of the extradition treaty.