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Cold War: Reagan letter to Thatcher (post-INF NATO policy) [declassified 2000]

Document type: Declassified documents
Venue: White House
Source: Reagan Library: Executive Secretariat NSC Head of State File
Editorial comments: Despatched 1837 GMT 6 May 1987; declassified 30 June 2000.
Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 173 words
Themes: Defence (arms control), Foreign policy (USA), MT contacts with Ronald Reagan

Declassified S98-101#271
By dIb, NARA, Date 6/30/00


May 5, 1987

Dear Margaret:

As always, I was pleased to receive your letter of April 28, most helpful were your thoughts about various associated requirements for allied security in the situation that would exist with an INF treaty in place.

Our internal consideration of the best outcome to enhance NATO security while making real progress on INF arms reduction is not complete. Also, we are awaiting responses from all of our NATO allies in the extensive consultation process now in progress. In particular, I am looking forward to the conclusion that Helmut Kohl and the FRG reach. As you stated, most important for any position we adopt is that it serve both NATO security and strategy.

I will soon be sending you my thoughts and tentative conclusions on what I believe our position should be.

Best regards,