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Cold War: Reagan telegram to Thatcher (Technical Cooperation Program anniversary) [declassified 2000]

Document type: Declassified documents
Venue: White House
Source: Reagan Library: NSA Head of State File (Box 35)
Editorial comments: Declassified 28 March 2000.
Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 287 words
Themes: Defence (general), Foreign policy (USA), MT contacts with Ronald Reagan

Declassified F96-107#241
By SMF, NARA, Date 3/28/00

Limited Official Use

Department of State

1. This cable transmits text of President Reagan’s telegram to Prime Minister Thatcher reaffirming the 1957 British-American Declaration of Common Purpose which enabled the establishment of the 1958 Technical Cooperation Program.

2. Secretary of Defense Weinberger will include the text of the telegram in his speech at the October 13 dinner hosted by the British Ambassador to commemorate the silver anniversary of the Declaration.

3. Text of President’s message is as follows:

I admire the foresight of Prime Minister Macmillan and President Eisenhower in their Declaration of Common Purpose of 1957, which enabled the establishment of the Technical Co-operation Program: TTCP. It is particularly noteworthy that Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have joined in this effort mutually to share the results of military research and development so critical to our common defense.

The United States has charted its course for decades to come based upon strong technology underpinnings. The pursuit of advanced technology has become a very expensive endeavor, while the need to move rapidly in maturing and applying that technology is ever more critical. Therefore, continued and increased cooperation among the technical cooperation program nations is clearly of the utmost importance.

I am pleased, on this silver anniversary of the Technical Cooperation Program, to reaffirm the Declaration of Common Purpose and pledge the United States to work with the total Technical Cooperation Program community to facilitate interchange and sharing of information, personnel, and facilities. End text. Shultz.