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Margaret Thatcher

Remarks outside the Paris Embassy ("I confirm it is my intention to let my name go forward for the second ballot")

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Outside British Embassy, Paris
Source: BBC Television Archive: OUP transcript
Editorial comments:

After 1830. MT's remarks were carried live on BBC1 TV Six O'Clock News , interrupting John Sergeant's commentary from the courtyard of the British Embassy in Paris. Douglas Hurd's statement follows hers, though they were separated in time by a few minutes or so (or perhaps as long as half an hour, according to BBC commentary by John Sergeant).

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Themes: Conservative (leadership elections), Famous statements by MT
MT and entourage led by Bernard Ingham and Peter Morrison walk down the Embassy steps towards the press.

John Sergeant, BBC

Mrs. Thatcher, could I ask you to comment?


Just a moment. Good evening. Good evening gentlemen.

Bernard Ingham

Pressing forward

Where is the microphone?

John Sergeant, BBC

It is here. This is the microphone.

Sergeant holds microphone out towards MT


I am naturally very pleased that I got more than half the Parliamentary Party and disappointed that it's not quite enough to win on the first ballot, so I confirm it is my intention to let my name go forward for the second ballot.

Peter Allen, ITN

Isn't the … isn't the vote against you, Mrs. Thatcher, large enough for you to have to acknowledge … [end p1]


Look, I have …

Peter Allen, ITN

… that you no longer enjoy the confidence of the party?


I have got more than half the votes of the Parliamentary Party. It was not quite the fifteen per cent above those of Mr. Heseltine—I think it's about 14.6 per cent—so it means we have to go for a second ballot, so I confirm that I shall let my name go forward.


[speaking at once] Prime Minister! Mrs. Thatcher! Does that mean …


I must go and do some telephone calls.


Do you feel at all betrayed by some of the …


Thank you very much, thank you.

Some minutes later Douglas Hurd also spoke to the press outside the Embassy

Douglas Hurd

I would just like to make a brief comment on the ballot result.

The Prime Minister continues to have my full support and I am sorry that this destructive, unnecessary contest should be prolonged in this way. Thank you.