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Margaret Thatcher

TV Interview for ITN New Year programme

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Venue: No.10 Downing Street
Source: Thatcher Archive: speaking notes
Editorial comments: MT accepted the "Woman of the Decade Award". The programme was due to be shown on New Year’s Eve.
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Themes: Autobiographical comments, Economic policy - theory and process, Foreign policy - theory and process, Foreign policy (USA), Foreign policy (USSR & successor states)

It is of course a great thrill to receive this award. I am very touched and proud for Britain that you have selected me for this honour.

It has been a tremendous privilege to be Prime Minister during this truly momentous decade which is now rapidly coming to a close. [end p1]

At home here in Britain two things have given me enormous satisfaction.

The way we have spread wealth, prosperity and opportunity ever more widely among the people. That is partly what I came into politics for. And I'm delighted it's happening more and more. [end p2]

Second, the way in which Britain's reputation has been restored across the world. That matters to everyone of our citizens who take great pride in their country.

All this is wonderfully encouraging for Britain. [end p3]

But what of course gives us so much hope for the future is the way freedom and democracy are on the march right across the world, from Windhoek to Warsaw; from Pretoria to Prague.

None of this would have happened but for the resolve of the West under Ronald Reagan 's leadership. Or but for the sheer courage and vision of Mr Gorbachev. [end p4]

It has been inspiring to work with both of them to help to reduce tension and to bring new hope to the world.

And I look forward to continuing to work with Mr Gorbachev and George Bush in the 1990s towards a safer, freer much more relaxed and, I trust, happier world. [end p5]

What a wonderful thought with which to end the 1980s. You can be sure I shall be doing my level best to help achieve that goal in the 1990s.

And now you can imagine what pleasure and joy it gives me to announce that Ronald Reagan, president of the United States of America for much of the 1980s, has been voted “Man of the Decade” . [end p6] Ron, I want to present you with this most deserved recognition of your services to mankind.